Collier Spine Institute Sends Aid to Troops on the USS Eisenhower

A Huge THANK YOU! to everyone who has participated.  We have shipped off our first three boxes!

Collier Spine Institute has set up a donation box at our main office to collect items for our troops aboard the USS Eisenhower.  We are collecting various holiday themed books, videos, and decorations that will be used by our troops to create a special theme as they read holiday books to their families from abroad.

Items Still Needed: Labor Day decorations and books, Halloween decorations and books, Thanksgiving Decorations and books, Christmas decorations and books, classic Christian books, wrapping paper. stencils, battery powered lights.

Our Donation Box

Our Donation Box

Collier Spine Institute Supports 2016 Guns N’ Hoses Hockey Charity Game

Supporting our local police and firefighters! Collier Spine Institute’s Dr. Frank Collier was on hand working as a ringside physician at the First Annual Guns N’ Hoses charity Hockey Game.

Dr. Collier at work supporting our firefighters and police

Dr. Collier at work supporting our firefighters and police

Collier Spine Institute Participates in 2012 St. Vincent’s Delicious Destination Fundraiser

This year, Dr. Collier’s wife, Krystyn Collier was asked to serve on the Committee for the annual St. Vincent’s Delicious Destination fundraiser.

The 11th annual Delicious Destinations is set for Saturday, September 8th at 7:00. Held at the Ponte Vedra Inn and Club, this event raises hundreds of thousands of dollars every year for the St. Vincent’s Mobile Outreach program.

Delicious Destinations is a Gourmet food and wine tasting event. Each year guests take a tour of the culinary world as Executive Chefs from world renowned resorts create a delicious and innovative menu of signature items.

Because the venue, food and auction items are donated, one hundred percent of the proceeds benefit the Mobile Outreach program. This Ministry provides access to free medical care for underprivileged children, men and women throughout the Jacksonville area.

St. Vincent’s Mobile Health Outreach began in 1991 to provide acute and preventative medical care to those who are medically underserved by bringing fully staffed doctors offices to the neighborhoods that need it’s services most.

Free blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose screenings, flu shots, immunizations and school physicals are just some examples of the preventative services offered. Medical needs, from detecting and treating chronic illnesses, from asthma, hypertension, diabetes and cardiovascular conditions, to common ailments such as respiratory infections, nutritional problems and hearing, vision and dental issues are dealt with.

Please visit the Delicious Destinations website at to learn more about this wonderful fundraiser and to purchase tickets if you are interested in attending.

Stay tuned to find out how much money is raised!!

Collier Spine Institute Participates in 2012 Arthritis Walk

Once again Collier Spine Institute employees participated in the annual Let’s Move Together fundraiser for the Arthritis Foundation. This year the walk took place in front of Metro Park. This event is the Arthritis Foundation’s annual nationwide signature event that raises funds and awareness to fight arthritis, the nation’s most common cause of disability. This is the second year employees participated. Collier Spine was able to raise $500.00 for this worthy cause. Congratulations to all of our employees!

Dr. Collier Implants Cutting Edge Spinal Cord Stimulator Lead

A few weeks ago Dr. Collier was the first physician in Jacksonville, and one of only fifty in the entire country, to trial implant the new Infinion 16 Percutaneous Lead Spinal Cord Stimulator system by Boston Scientific.

By providing twice the number of contacts than previous systems, the Infinion is designed to offer more coverage of the spinal cord for management of chronic pain. This new system allows for tighter spacing in the contact array providing the ability to drive current deeper into the spinal column. With 16 leads, as opposed to 8, it gives twice the vertical coverage in the epidural space. Consequently, the patient’s entire painful area, from their back to their feet, can be covered, even if there is some movement of the leads, a common complicating factor in spinal cord stimulator implantation. The patient who underwent this procedure reported 80-90% relief of pain during the course of the trial.

Spinal Cord Stimulation has become a standard treatment for patients with chronic pain in their back or limbs who have not found pain relief from other treatments. Most patients who qualify for this type of therapy report a 50-70% reduction in overall pain as well as an increased ability to participate in activities. Please visit the Procedures and Treatment page of our website, and Boston Scientific’s website, for more information on this cutting edge technology. Call our office today if you would like to schedule an appointment to see if you are a candidate for Spinal Cord Stimulation therapy.

Collier Spine – Proud of our Veteran Co-Workers

Collier Spine Institute is proud of our employees who have served our country in the military.

Harry McCutcheon PA

Harry is a Physician Assistant at Collier Spine Institute. He started his medical career in the United States Army as a combat medic during the Vietnam conflict. He later attended Physician Assistant school at the Tri Services Academy at Sheppard Air Force Base in Texas. He graduated from the University of Oklahoma. As a Warrant Officer in the United States Army he participated in Operations Bright Star and Desert Storm.

Ken Roberts, MA

Ken Roberts is a Medical Assistant at Collier Spine Institute. Ken was a Combat Medic in The United States Army. He spent two years in Iraq and one year in Afghanistan. He received two Bronze Stars with Valor and two Order of the Purple Heart medals for wounds suffered in combat. He is Airborne Air Assault and Ranger Qualified. Ken left the Army due to an injury sustained in Iraq.

Thank you to all of our co-workers for their service, and thank you to all Veterans who have served our Country proudly!

Man’s Best Friend Promotes Exercise

If you were looking for a reason to get a dog here’s a great one -exercise!! Studies have shown that dog owners are more likely than non dog owners to exercise. Walking a dog is a great activity, and if you have back pain it can help strengthen the supportive muscles of the lower back and pelvis. If you’re thinking of getting out there with your dog, here are some helpful tips.

As with any exercise regimen, speak to your doctor to make sure its OK for you to walk your dog with your condition. Once you get approval, try the following. Wear good supportive shoes that are comfortable. If your dog tends to pull on a lead, it may be worthwhile investing in a lead that reduces the ability of your dog to pull you off balance and possibly strain your back. Look for products such as Gentle Leader that reduce your dogs ability to pull.

Dr. Collier often goes for walks and runs with his dogs Tigger and Sierra, pictured above. So get out there with your dog and exercise. If you have questions regarding your back pain give us a call or visit the Procedures & Treatments page of our website to see what our practice can do for you.

Collier Spine Participates in 2011 St. Vincent’s Healthcare Adopt A Family Program

St. Vincent\’s Healthcare – Ursula Davis

Every year St. Vincent’s Hospital runs its Adopt A Family Program during the Christmas season. The program, run by Ursula Davis, provides Christmas gifts for families in need. These families are selected by the St. Vincent’s Foundation and are assigned to different groups and individuals who then volunteer to purchase Christmas gifts for family members. This year Collier Spine participated in this very worthwhile program. Our practice managed to collect 26 gifts for the two children adopted by our group. We hope that the children that we sponsored had a very special Christmas day celebration. Thank you to all of our employees who participated in the Adopt a Family program and made a difference in the lives of these children.

Tips for Reeling in the Big One Without Hurting Yourself

My twelve year old son and I recently went fishing with a local fishing guide Captain Kirk Waltz. We were fishing for Bull Reds on the Intracoastal. After hours of patiently waiting my son got a hit. It was so strong it nearly dragged him out of the boat. We didn’t know what was on the end of his line – but we knew it was something big. After thirty minutes of fighting, his catch revealed itself. On the end of his line was a fifty pound Bull Red. According to Captain Kirk this fish was probably fifty years old! It was the catch of a lifetime. For all of you fishermen out there here are some tips on how to reel in your big catch without hurting yourself.

First, let your son reel it in for you – only kidding! Pain is a real problem for people that fish. One study done by a Duke trained Orthopedic surgeon found that 69 percent of fishermen studied reported low back pain, up to 25 percent reported pain in their hands, wrists, shoulders and knees and 18 percent reported elbow pain. As far as back pain goes, you can enjoy your time on the boat more if you follow a few simple tips.

Shoes: The way your feet contact the ground, or the deck of the boat, is important. When you visit your local Outdoor Pro Shop make sure you buy a pair of shoes with proper support and good insoles.

Back Support Belt: Make sure that you wear a good fighting belt. It should provide support in your lower back. The elastic straps should be strong enough to hold you straight and it should be lightweight and comfortable enough for you to wear all day.

Equipment: Be sure to use a stiff rod, heavy fishing line and always use a long handled net to pick up your catch. Let the drag of the reel do the work. Reel in during periods of less resistance.

Hope these tips help you enjoy a a pain free fishing experience. If you’re still suffering from back pain after a weekend out on the high seas, be sure to make an appointment with our office to find out what treatment we can offer for you.

Collier Spine Makes Donation to Help Foster Children and Their Families

Collier Spine recently made a donation to help throw a holiday party for the Foster Children and Families of Saint Johns County. The party is hosted by Allegro in Partnership with the Department of Children and Families, The Family Integrity Program, The Guardian Ad Litem Program and the Saint Johns Foster / Adoptive Parent Association. We are proud to participate in an event that is bringing holiday cheer to the foster children of our community. Happy Holidays

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