David P.

David is a 35 year old man who works in automotive restoration.  He first came to Collier Spine Institute in 2008.  After snowboarding he developed chronic discomfort in his mid back.  He had an MRI which showed degenerative disc changes and bulging discs in several areas of his mid back.

Because of his pain, he had difficulty lying down and would wake up frequently throughout the night.  Dr. Collier recommended facet blocks and ultimately a neurolysis for David.  He received excellent relief and has been pain free for over six months and counting.

He reports having a great experience at Collier Spine Institute.  The procedures he has undergone have improved his quality of life, have kept him working and have enabled him to once again surf and go camping with his kids.

Dr. Glenn S.

Dr. S. is a retired cardiothoracic surgeon.  He came to CSI in 2010 complaining of lower back pain which had started radiating into his leg.  Dr. Collier ordered some tests and determined that Dr. S. was suffering from lumbar stenosis.

Dr. S. had talked to numerous other physicians about his condition.  When he came to Collier Spine Institute, Dr. Collier made a fast and accurate diagnosis of his condition and performed a lumbar epidural.  Since then, Dr. S. has enjoyed a significant decrease in pain.  He thanks us for our professionally run organization and services.

Nancy S.

Nancy, a 77 year old woman, first started coming to Collier Spine Institute in 2007.   She had suffered from chronic lower back pain for approximately 30 years.  “I moved to Jacksonville two years ago with intolerable back, hip and knee pain.  I went to my primary doctor, who referred me to Dr. Collier’s clinic.  Eureka, praise the Lord!!!  He sent me to the right place.  Dr. Collier has given me a new active life”.

“Dr. Collier, his assistants and his office staff are awesome, kind, courteous and thoughtful.  I hope others will also be given a new lease on life. . . don’t delay in making an appointment with Dr. Collier.  God Bless You.”

Thomas W.

Thomas W. says I am sitting here with Dr. Collier having just gotten my back stimulator put in a week ago. I have had five years of pain that has been remitting after having this spinal cord stimulator put in a week ago. I would say that the pain is about 80% gone. I also feel stronger, which I think is even more important because the pain was in both my legs and my lower back. With the leg pain gone, I can walk a lot stronger an a lot longer. I recommend this procedure.

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